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Inspired by a dream a young boy named Hanish transforms the hunting bow into the first harp and shares his music with the world.

Paperback: 36 pages
Ages; K - 3rd grade
Publisher: Harpist Nicolas Productions

Publisher’s Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Subjects: Harp, musical instruments, performing arts, music, bedtime, dreams, Juvenile fiction.

Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-7332799-0-1

Product Dimensions: 8 x 10 in

Softcover: $20.00 (USA/CAN) 

"Perhaps the title of Nicolas Carter's marvelous book should read: Make music, not violence! His story, with fabulous illustrations by Arlette Vaistij, reveals how a weapon can be transformed into an instrument of peace and how magical the harp can be. We need more stories like Hanish and the story of the harp to speak to our hearts! This is a book that will bring hope to readers from six to ninety!"


Jack Zipes (Fairy-Tale Scholar, Professor Emeritus - University of Minnesota)


"Nicolas has captured the wonder of dreams with this delightful story of Hanish, who creates the first harp. Children, adults, and teachers will find revelations abound when discussing dreams, the gifts of nature, relationships with parents and siblings, gifts given and gifts received."


Jane Hawley (Educator, Reading Specialist)


"I could almost hear the harp when Hanish first played it in the story. The curls of sound that went up the page made the story come alive. Nicolas plays the harp and brings joy and calm to those who listen. Now this story brings the same feeling - a different kind of song. The song of beginnings. The song of listening to our dreams and following them. The song of sharing our gifts and passions.

The story of this young boy is an origin story for the harp. But, for me, it is more than that. It is the story of every person - listening to their own unique gift and song, and bringing it into the world."


Linda Bergh (Biography Facilitator, Waldorf Teacher, Psychologist Emeritus, Threshold guide)

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