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"I was fortunate to hear you play last weekend.  Y0u really are more than a musician, you are a poet and healer - the songs of your authorship are a balm to the soul....poetry that heals should be your slogan."

Diana (Portland, Oregon) 2019

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"I want to thank YOU for arranging Nicolas to come to Good Shepherd and share his amazing musical talents with us last addition to being musically gifted, he is very personable, has a wonderful sense of humor and a GREAT and genuine smile.  David and I also enjoyed his sharing of stories that connected to the pieces he performed,  especially as they related growing up in the "north" and "south". 

Ek & David (Venice, Florida)  2018

"I cannot talk enough of the gift of music. It was our love and your beautiful music that made our wedding the greatest day of our lives. Everyone is still talking...about the music. I felt like the music truly conjured  up the past; we were all wonderfully transformed into a bygone era, a simple time. I felt the music called an ancestor.  I know my grandfather was with us.  Your music was the glue that held all the pieces of love and family, history and hope that day. We will never forget what you gave us."

Laura and Mike ( Minnesota) 2003

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