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Learning to play a new instrument regardless of age is always a new conquest. Teaching harp and lyre is gratifying for Nicolas who has the expertise to adapt lessons based on age, personality and level of experience to best serve his students.


People can begin learning the harp at any age! Many students have started playing the harp in their 40s, 50s, and even 70s.  Children usually begin harp lessons when they are around 9 years old, so that their arms can reach all strings. However, for some children, playing the harp is a calling at a young age; children who are highly-motivated can begin to learn on a smaller harp! 


Master lessons are offered for Celtic or Classical harpists interested in learning Latin American music.

LLessons can be provided at:

  • My home

  • Your home

  • Via skype: nicolas.paul.carter 1 -  Messenger:  Nicolas Carter -  Zoom: Nicolas Carter

Nicolas teaches in the folk tradition of learning to play by ear.  Every student is different, therefore lessons are designed to respond to the needs of each student. Learning the harp can be challenging.  Nicolas recognizes the importance making it a pleasurable experience. Melodies for the lessons are selected based on the student's preferences. New techniques and more complex music is introduced as the student gains proficiency.

Students are encouraged to record  the lesson to help refresh memory when practicing at home.  For students that lead busy lives, I encourage them to focus on the pleasure their weekly harp lesson and practice sessions provide, an important respite from day-to-day stressors.


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