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Melodías del Arpa Music Book - Nicolas Carter and Sharon Thormahlen

This is a new book collaboration by Nicolas Carter and Sharon Thormahlen of Latin American Music for the Lever Harp. Included in the book are 11 tunes: Llegada, Palomita Guasiruca, Mercedita, Melodía Para Ti, Recuerdos de Ypacaraí, Tres de Mayo, La Paloma, Guantanamera, El Condor Pasa, Moliendo Cafe, and Luna Lllena. These tunes, arranged by Nicolas Carter, have been further arranged and simplified by Sharon Thormahlen for the intermediate beginner harp player. Included is some history and description of each tune and it's composer. Also included are some things to know about Latin American Music, Some technical notes on the music and some suggestions for practicing.  If you like Latin American music, you'll love this book.

Cover by Earl Newman. Celtic and Latin harps together in Latin America.

Melodias del Arpa

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